Xcell Wound Care

More and more individuals are suffering from wounds that don’t heal, thanks to conditions like obesity, peripheral artery disease, and of course, diabetes. Without proper treatment, wounds can lead to severe infection, limb or tissue amputation, and can even be fatal. This is a severely painful condition and requires the use of Pain Injection.

Wounds can fall into two categories, acute or chronic. An acute wound can be from trauma, a burn, or surgery; while a chronic wound is one that does not heal within two to three weeks after appropriate care. Types of chronic woods include, arterial ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, pressure wounds (bed sores), as well chronic venous ulcers.

You Have Regenerative Options!

The good news is that you have alternatives when you walk through the doors of Xcell Life. We use all-natural Regenerative Cell Treatment to help diabetic foot wound care, without having to go through surgery. Our treatments decrease pain, with few side effects, and little-to-no recovery time.

Are You A Candidate?

Do you suffer from the following? You may be a candidate for our Xcell wound care treatments!

  • Non-healing or slow healing wounds 
  • Ulcers that appear on the feet
  • Chronic wounds that do not heal after appropriate care
  • Plus, much more …

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