When soft tissues get damaged or torn, they often take time to heal and cause chronic pain. Oral and injected pain relief can only go so far towards resolving the issue, leaving you hurting and aching for long periods of time. Stem cell therapy, known as regenerative medicine, has been proven to treat many soft tissue problems and resolve them for the long term. At Xcell Life in Providence, RI, we provide stem cell therapy so you can stop looking for regenerative medicine near you and start getting on the road to healing.


Why Conditions Become Chronic

The soft tissues of the body can develop tears and other types of damage that are located deep within the muscles and tendons. You most likely try to stay away from using the painful area, joint, or limb, but you can't always avoid using the affected area. That means you put more strain on the area, causing inflammation that makes it harder for the body to repair itself.

The body itself can be reluctant to heal itself in the form of restricting blood flow to the area. Restricted blood flow also restricts the amount of nutrients needed to heal the damage, resulting in slow healing or no healing whatsoever. This results in pain that lasts for months, even years, if not properly addressed. 

Understanding Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine, or stem cell therapy, uses your own blood to create the infusion of healing stem cells that's injected into the injury. A relatively small amount of blood is taken from your own body, then put through a process that separates the stem cells from your blood. The resulting serum is prepared for injection back into your body.

How Regenerative Medicine Works

Stem cells are a type of cell that we all carry in our bodies and throughout our lives. They exist in a static state until they're needed for a specific function. This is a normal function of stem cells, but they don't always reach an area of injury with enough numbers to make a difference.

When used in stem cell therapy, the stem cells are concentrated and injected into the injury in much larger numbers. The body recognizes it has an abundance of stem cells to repair the injury and uses as many as it needs to effectively repair itself. 

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