Xcell Anti-Inflammatory Program

What Is Inflammation?

Interestingly enough, inflammation is a way your body protects itself from injury, illness, or infection. It enhances your white blood cell production, as well as cytokines, and immune cells that battle infection.

Signs & Symptoms

Below are some signs and symptoms of inflammation:

  • Redness in the area
  • Area experiences pain and “heat”
  • Swelling in the region

Chronic (long-term) inflammation occurs inside the body, and no symptoms are noticeable. This type can drive conditions like cancer, fatty liver disease, heart illness, and diabetes.

The Causes

The below can cause inflammation:

  • High amounts of high-fructose corn syrup and sugar intake
  • Consumption of carbs (e.g. white bread), which also contributes to diabetes, overall insulin resistance, and obesity
  • Vegetable oils within a majority of processed foods
  • An inactive lifestyle

You Have Options!

A great way to battle inflammation is through diet, and this is where Xcell Life’s Anti-Inflammatory Program can help. It assists to transition you into a healthier way of eating. Studies reveal that decreasing inflammation can improve tissue regeneration in cellular solution & regenerative medicine treatments. Research also shows that decreasing these “markers of inflammation” can reduce your risk of diabetes and cardiovascular illnesses. At the end of the day, this program can improve your health and wellness through supplements, vitamins, and other products.

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