Is Pain Injection The Only Option For Hip Pain Treatment?

Is Pain Injection The Only Option For Hip Pain Treatment?

If you want Hip Pain Treatment, then Pain Injection can be avoided through Non Surgical Treatments from experts at Xcell Life in the USA.

Is Pain Injection The Only Option For Hip Pain Treatment?

Despite our Hip Structure being an almost invincible part, they, too, get defeated by ageing. Our hip socket bears a fair amount of wear and tear damage and still lasts almost our whole life due to the combination of the ball and socket joints and cartilage present. But with age and overuse of these joints or an injury can definitely harm them and cause a lot of pain. It is generally the elderly or people into athletics and intense physical activity who are prone to such damage. This is why they seek Hip Pain Treatment.

Well, several medical professionals hand over some over-the-counter medications or Pain Injection to provide relief. Pain Injection and medications are nothing but temporary measures aimed at getting rid of the pain. They are not at all suitable for proper Hip Pain Treatment. They might also do more harm than good. The ultimate suggestion that some medical professionals give is getting surgery. Surgeries are reasonable until and unless there is no other cure. If you seek Non Surgical Treatments, then you must reach out to us at Xcell Life Clinic based in the USA.

Before discussing the Non Surgical Treatments that we offer, let’s look at the causes of Hip Pain:

  1. Injuries such as Fractures and Muscle Strains
  2. Problems due to ageing
  3. Some chronic diseases

Injuries such as Fractures and Muscle Strains:

Due to ageing, as the bones get weaker, the chances of a fracture rise upon accidents. This will obviously need immediate treatment. Muscle Strains can happen at any time due to overuse of the muscles, ligaments and tendons around the hips. Athletes are prone to have such strains and thus do stretching in order to avoid these complications. Hip Labral tear is another painful and common problem that athletes face due to excessive twisting movements.

Problems due to ageing:

Ageing is one of the main causes of bone and muscle weaknesses. It is a normal phenomenon that all our body parts go through constant wear and tear over the years and takes damage.

Some chronic diseases:

There are several diseases that can again cause damage to the hip structure. Arthritis is one common disorder these days; it is painful and a big hindrance in daily life for many patients across the world. Some more disorders are Bursitis, Tendinitis, Avascular Necrosis etc. Cancerous Tumors in the hip area can also cause exhilarating pain and need urgent diagnosis and treatment.

Here are some of the treatments we offer that will help you avoid surgeries and painkillers:


Physiotherapy is a series of exercises and movements that ensure mobility and give anti-inflammatory benefits. It also restores blood flow and reduces pain to a huge extent. Due to its extraordinary benefits, it is highly recommended even by the best surgeons after any surgery.

Chiropractic Treatment:

Chiropractic Treatment is often looked down upon due to the rumours of it being useless. However, it has proven to be extremely beneficial in reducing pain symptoms and providing other advantages. Chiropractic Adjustments are manipulations made to a certain area, generally the spine, by an expert. The expert provides appropriate pressure to the area with his hands or a small tool. This clears nerve blockages and restores the alignment of any misplaced bone.

Regenerative Cell Therapy:

This therapy requires the use of stem cells to restore the dead or damaged cells in a particular area. This promotes healing in case of injuries.

Final Words

In case you seek Hip Pain Treatment to get relief from the pain, then you should take Non Surgical Treatments from experts at Xcell Life and avoid the use of any Pain Injection.

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