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Hair Loss – Regenerative Treatments

Hair loss is very common and can be linked to a number of things, including, hormonal changes, medical conditions, and genetics. While there are plenty of prescriptions and over-the-counter products that can treat this, there are also natural therapies that can help. Some pain medications and drugs inside Pain Injection can cause side – effects if consumed on access.

Regenerative Medicine uses your body’s own natural healing properties to replace and repair damaged tissues. Recent research reveals that this approach can also be an effective tool with hair loss and hair regrowth. These treatments generally involve gathering a patient’s own biological substances and injecting them into the area experiencing the issue. This stimulates hair growth but also prevents any more hair loss in the future. Sometimes, a combination of oral supplements and injections is recommended.

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PRP Hair Restoration

An injection treatment using elements within a patient’s own blood to trigger hair growth, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) hair restoration treatments are growing in popularity. When a PRP is injected into an area of need (where there is thinning hair), it produces mild inflammation that stimulates healing and promotes hair growth.

When PRP is taken from a patient, it is separated from the rest of the blood. It is then activated with a little calcium to help with the release of growth factors from the platelets. This amplifies the healing process, which ultimately helps with hair growth.

It takes about three procedures, at first, during the course of four weeks for each treatment.

Are You A Candidate?

There are many reasons behind hair loss. Through our initial exam, the team at Xcell Life determines if patients are eligible for this treatment, and we organize a plan that best suits your needs. If any of the below hair loss/hair thinning issues sounds familiar, then we can help you: