What Are Some Factors That Raise The Risk Of A Meniscus Tear?

What Are Some Factors That Raise The Risk Of A Meniscus Tear?

Xcell Life experts mention the risk factors that raise the chances of suffering from a Meniscus tear and forcing patients to get Knee Injury Treatment.

What Are Some Factors That Raise The Risk Of A Meniscus Tear?

There are always cases that result in people seeking Knee Injury Treatment at the Xcell Life clinic. One of the most common Knee Injuries is Meniscus tear. A torn meniscus will leave you with a swollen knee, and you will suffer intense pain. You will not be able to move or stretch your knee. You will experience motion locks in the knee which is also seriously painful.

Our body has a defensive mechanism against such injuries. In case of protection against Meniscus tear there is two C-shaped cartilage in each knee which protects the shinbone and thigh bone from rubbing against each other and provide cushioning in case of crushing force from the outside. In case of a fall, pressure due to weight, or harsh movement, this cartilage is responsible for absorbing the shocks and protecting the knee joint.

Experts at different places often suggest Knee Surgery as a Knee Injury Treatment. Surgeries can solve problems, but they are still dangerous and can also create complications. Some cases of injuries can be treated with alternative Knee Injury Treatment at the Xcell Life clinic in the USA. This eliminates the need for Knee Surgery. Minor cases of such injuries require nothing except some home remedies like heat and cold therapy and sufficient rest. However, Xcell Life experts aren’t against surgeries; they are a cure when necessary, but if there are alternatives, we recommend non-surgical treatment over operations.

There are some risk factors that can make someone more prone to getting a torn meniscus. The factors are as follows:-

  • Genetic Weakness
  • Professional Requirements
  • Aging Effects
  • Overweight Problems

Genetic Weakness:

Some weaknesses run in the family genes. There is always a chance that you, your parents-grandparents, and even your ancestors have a weak knee. In such cases, you are more prone to injuring your knee and suffering from knee pain disorders even at an early age. Therefore take precautions after inquiring about the problems that run in your family.

Professional Requirements:

If you are in a job that requires intense work of the knee, such as being a professional athlete, then you have a high chance of injuring your knee. An athletic lifestyle, especially in sports like football, tennis, or basketball, requires constant usage of knees and causes gradual wear and tear of the joints, which makes them weak and prone to getting hurt.

Aging Effects:

Aging takes a toll on all our bodies. As you age, the cartilage between your knee joints wears off, and the joint also suffers damage from gradual wear and tear over the years. This raises the chances of suffering from joint diseases like arthritis and Knee Pain, Weakness, and Inflammation are just symptoms of such disorders.

Overweight Problems:

Our knees take the weight of almost our entire body. Therefore, if you are overweight, then it puts a lot of strain on your knees to support your weight. Even standing becomes difficult for your knees eventually. It is advised that patients with Knee Disorders should lose weight before the pressure damages the knee joints.

Final Words

If you want an alternative to Knee Surgery in case of Meniscus tear, then you can visit Xcell Life clinic in the USA and seek other non-surgical Knee Injury Treatment.

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