Integrated Cancer Symptom Management

Women after cancer treatment smelling flowers Unfortunately, cancer has become an all-too-common diagnosis. Both the disease and certain treatments can cause inflammation and pain, along with other symptoms. While pain medications may provide immediate relief in the short-term, many patients experience a decrease in pain with a more holistic approach.

Our team at Xcell Life offers integrated cancer symptom management that can reduce pain and stress. Learn more about how regenerative medicine may assist in cancer symptom management.

Common Cancer-Related Discomfort

Pain symptoms can arise from having cancer or undergoing cancer treatment. A person with cancer may experience discomfort due to pressure on sensitive nerves, organ tissue, or bones from a tumor. Spinal cord compression can also occur. This happens when a tumor places pressure on the nerves associated with the spine. A patient may first feel pain in the neck or back. Unusual feelings such as numbness, pain, or weakness may then be experienced along an arm or leg. Bone pain may also develop due to the type and location of cancer or as a side effect of certain medications taken to stimulate white blood cell production in the bone marrow. Cancer-related pain can be a result of:

  • Testing and procedures
  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy and radiation treatments

Pain medication may be required for severe pain. However, there are natural alternatives that can alleviate pressure and reduce discomfort.

Benefits of Regenerative medicine for Pain Relief

More severe pain can make it hard to perform routine activities and have a full range of motion. Regenerative medicine can serve to reduce pressure on cancer-affected nerves, tissue and bone, reducing immediate discomfort. Regenerative medicine adjustments often decrease inflammation in an area and promote the circulation of nutrients to injured areas while moving away waste products. This supports healing and recovery for an affected individual. As a bonus, regenerative medicine patients tend to feel more relaxed after a single session.

Regenerative medicine Expectations

Regenerative medicine care is a multifaceted approach that looks at the needs of the complete individual. Regenerative medicine, massage therapy, or acupuncture may be incorporated into an individualized treatment program.

During the initial consultation, a review of a client’s medical history and a thorough exam are performed. Patient preferences are also taken into account as our chiropractor creates a personalized program to address underlying conditions. One or more sessions may be needed for Dr. Almeida to address cancer symptoms like pain.

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