Xcell Life, based in the USA, mentions some causes of muscle pain which will not require the use of Cortisone Injection and can be cured with Muscle Pain Treatment.

Muscle Pain can be a symptom of several health problems and, thus, needs immediate daignosis. Due to the possibility of minor causes of Muscle Pain, people often neglect it and do not go to an expert. This can prove to be dangerous and might worsen the condition. Xcell Life experts based in the USA recommend you get diagnosed if you have been suffering from muscle pain for more than a week. There can be several causes of muscle pain, from temporary to chronic. It is completely treatable and requires management and finding the cause behind it. Some medical professionals might suggest you take Cortisone Injection. But Cortisone Injection isn’t a permanent cure and might cause side effects if it reacts negatively with the underlying condition or any other medication.

Instead, Xcell Life offers completely safe alternatives in the form of Muscle Pain Treatment and Tendon Pain Treatment. You can consider these after your diagnosis is complete with the condition first. Several of our patients are absolutely healthy now, as our team’s experts cured their excruciating muscle pain. We use no drugs, injections or incision procedures that might result in post-treatment complications. Our Muscle Pain Treatment and Tendon Pain Treatment are only focused on reducing the pain symptom and eventually eliminating it completely.

Here are some of the causes of intense muscle pain:

  • Injuries to the muscles
  • Infections in the body
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Reaction due to medications

Injuries of the muscles:

Injuries can occur at any time and anywhere. One can get injured due to a self-mistake, an accident, an attack, due to overuse of any muscle, harsh movements etc. Whatever the cause, injuries can definitely cause muscle pain.

Some of these injuries are:

  • A sprain in the back
  • Breaking of bones
  • Abdominal strains
  • Myofascial pain syndrome due to overuse of muscles
  • Tendinosis
  • Tendinitis

Infections in the body:

Infections caused by viruses and harmful bacteria can cause muscle aches. Swollen lymph nodes, fever and nausea, are some of the other symptoms. A few types of infections that cause muscle aches are:

  • Colds and flu.
  • Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever which is spread through tick bites
  • Malaria.

Autoimmune Diseases:

Our body’s immune system is responsible for fighting germs and infections. But sometimes, it mistakenly attacks itself. This can cause muscle pain.

Here are a few autoimmune diseases that can cause pain:

  • Inflammatory myopathies – Body myositis and polymyositis.
  • Lupus
  • Multiple sclerosis

Reaction due to medications:

Xcell Life experts put a real emphasis on the harmful effects of some medications. Our specialist’s advice is that until a doctor prescribes any medicine, one must never take any form of medication. Some medications can result in muscle pain as they cause inflammation around muscle cells; this condition is known as myositis. Some can be just temporary, while others can be chronic.

The medicines that can cause myositis are as follows:

  • Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy are used to treat cancer of different kinds
  • Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors are prescribed to High Blood Pressure patients.
  • Statins administered to high cholesterol patients.


If the muscle pain isn’t severe, then Cortisone Injection is avoidable. You can instead rely on Muscle Pain Treatment and Tendon Pain Treatment which are offered by experts at Xcell Life based in the USA.