There are still many challenges for Regenerative Medicine and Regenerative Cell Treatment that must be faced before these can go into mainstream medicine.

Regenerative Medicine, specifically Regenerative Cell Treatment can revolutionize the field of medicine by promoting the repair and regeneration of damaged tissues and organs. The treatment involves introducing healthy cells into the body to replace damaged or diseased cells and promote tissue regeneration. The cells used in regenerative cell therapy can be obtained from various sources, including the patient’s own body, donor tissues, or engineered cells.

The world still doesn’t know much about Regenerative Medicine or Regenerative Cell Treatment, and this scarcity of knowledge often gives birth to misconceptions. So here is more information from Xcell Life clinic in the USA about this branch of medicine and its technique. We specialize in Non Surgical Treatments. Our Non Surgical Treatments have treated several patients and have improved their quality of life.

While regenerative treatments can be very beneficial, there are still several challenges that must be overcome in order to make them safe, effective, and widely available.

Some of these challenges include:-

  • Concerns regarding its safety
  • Standardization of the process
  • Ethical considerations
  • Cost and accessibility
  • Uncertainty of its efficacy

Concerns regarding its safety:

Regenerative treatment involves introducing living cells into the body. This might sound pretty straightforward, but it can carry the risk of immune rejection or other adverse reactions. One can ensure the safety of these treatments with careful screening and testing of the cells. Monitoring patients closely after the procedure for potential side effects is also a mandatory stage.

Standardization of the process:

Regenerative cell therapies are intricate and necessitate a range of cells, delivery techniques, and treatment protocols. Establishing consistent methods for producing, assessing, and providing these treatments is critical to ascertain their safety and effectiveness.

Ethical considerations:

This treatment usually entails the utilization of human embryonic stem cells or other sorts of cells derived from fetal tissue, which leads to ethical qualms as well as regulatory concerns related to the utilization of these materials. The picture of the treatment being accepted without some arguments cannot be seen in the near future.

Cost and accessibility:

This must come as no surprise that these can be costly and are not yet widespread. Making such treatments more affordable and attainable will necessitate ongoing exploration and advancement. It will also require collective efforts to increase public awareness and support.

Uncertainty of its efficacy:

Regenerative cell treatments demonstrate considerable potential, yet their effectiveness is still being assessed in clinical trials. Further investigation is necessary to identify the most effective cells, delivery systems, and treatment regimens for a variety of injuries and illnesses. As per the research until now, it is probably a great method to treat injuries efficiently, which might otherwise prove to be troublesome.

Closing Words

Until there is more research on Regenerative Medicine and Regenerative Cell Treatment, it is best avoided. But if you need other Non Surgical Treatments then you can always reach out to our team at Xcell Life clinic in the USA.

Here are some of the Non Surgical Treatments provided by experts at Xcell Life clinic in Rhode Island to treat Labrum Tear Providence and deliver relief from pain.

The labrum is a piece of cartilage that helps to stabilize and support the shoulder joint. When the labrum becomes torn, it can cause pain, weakness, and limited mobility in the shoulder. While surgery is often considered the most effective treatment for Labrum Tear, Non Surgical Treatments may be appropriate and preferred by some patients. It is possible to take sufficient rest along with these treatments to get better; however, that depends on the severity of the injury and the body’s natural healing ability. In order to get the best treatment, it is necessary for the patient to get diagnosed by a medical expert. Once the diagnosis is made, they can curate a personalized treatment plan as per the needs of the patient.

If you have been looking to seek Non Surgical Treatments for Labrum Tear Providence then you must visit the Xcell Life clinic in Rhode Island. We have experienced professionals who can provide you with relief from pain and weakness. Our treatment can also restore your limited mobility and strengthen your shoulder to prevent similar future injuries. We are recommended by our former patients who have gotten better with our treatments. The highlights of our procedures are that it is completely safe, have no side effects, involve no medications, and have no recovery period. We rely on and strongly believe in the body’s natural healing power to treat injuries just with proper treatment to assist the healing and strengthening.

Now let’s look at the several techniques that we use to treat Labrum Tear Providence:-

  • Physical Therapy
  • Chiropractic Treatment
  • Electrical Stimulation Therapy
  • Activity Modification
  • Rest and Ice

Physical Therapy:

Physical therapy is often the first line of treatment for labrum tears. A physical therapist can create an exercise program that is tailored to the patient’s specific needs and goals. The program may include exercises to strengthen the muscles surrounding the shoulder joint, improve the range of motion, and reduce pain and inflammation. The therapist may also use manual therapy techniques, such as massage or joint mobilization, to help improve joint function and reduce pain.

Chiropractic Treatment:

We have Chiropractic Experts at our facility that can deliver manipulations and adjustments to the spine, neck, and shoulder joints in order to deliver pain relief. These adjustments also help in fixing the alignment, which might have been disrupted due to the shock suffered during the injury. Patients have reported a reduction in inflammation which has further helped reduce pain and improve mobility.

Electrical Stimulation Therapy:

Electrical stimulation therapy uses low-level electrical impulses to stimulate the muscles surrounding the shoulder joint. This therapy can help reduce pain and improve muscle strength and coordination. It may be used in conjunction with other non-surgical treatments, such as physical therapy, to improve outcomes.

Activity Modification:

Activity modification involves modifying activities that exacerbate the symptoms of a labrum tear. Patients may need to avoid certain activities, such as heavy lifting or overhead reaching until their symptoms improve. Modifying activities can help reduce pain and prevent further damage to the labrum.

Rest and Ice:

Rest and ice are simple yet effective non-surgical treatments for labrum tears. Resting the affected shoulder and applying ice to the area can help reduce pain and inflammation. Patients should rest the affected shoulder for a few days after the injury. They can gradually resume activities as their symptoms improve.


If you are in search of Non Surgical Treatments for Labrum Tear Providence then our experts at Xcell Life clinic in Rhode Island are your best bet.

Xcell Life experts in the USA mention the causes of back pain, which can lead to people seeking Lower Back Pain Treatment at even a young age.

Xcell Life clinic in the USA gets patients seeking Lower Back Pain Treatment on a regular basis. Lower Back Pain is a common problem among people these days. It was earlier more prevalent among the elderly, but today even younger people in their twenties are left with no other choice than relying on Non Surgical Treatments for relief from excruciating back pain. There are several reasons behind back pain. This makes it more difficult to figure out. Thus, it becomes crucial for one to seek a proper diagnosis before making any assumptions.

Xcell Life clinic experts can help you determine the real cause behind your back pain. Our experts are also extensively trained in delivering excellent Lower Back Pain Treatment. As our experts get patients in pain on a daily basis, we have the most experienced individuals to help you out. Our facility is equipped with all the right equipment that can assist your recovery. The highlight of our service is that we provide completely Non Surgical Treatments which have no side effects and are safer than any pain medications.

Now let’s see some of the causes of back pain which make even the younger generation come to our clinic for relief.

The causes are as follows:-

  • Injuries that might cause muscle tears or strains
  • Negative effects of keeping a poor posture
  • Constant pressure on the nerves in the spinal cord
  • Discomfort due to Arthritic pain

Injuries that might cause muscle tears or strains:

There are several injuries that might cause muscle tears or sprains in the back. Depending on one’s lifestyle, profession, and age their probability of getting injured varies. Sometimes getting an injury is un avoidable. But one can definitely seek the proper treatment after injury. It is not wise to neglect an injury even if it is not showing the symptoms immediately. Rush to the medical experts and get help.

Negative effects of keeping a poor posture:

From a young age, people are taught the significance of having good posture, but it is often overlooked. It can be hard to concentrate on posture constantly, particularly when you spend the majority of your day seated because of your desk job or lifestyle. Poor posture for a very long time can result in chronic back pain and other health problems. However, it’s never too late to get help from our specialists, who can give the treatment that will raise your posture and help you evade various medical problems.

Constant pressure on the nerves in the spinal cord:

A bone spur or disk rupture can lead to constant pressure placed on the nerves near the spine, causing pain. To reduce this discomfort, it is essential to realign the spine and alleviate the pressure on the nerves. Our nonsurgical methods achieve this outcome, and it is important to take them into serious consideration.

Discomfort due to Arthritic pain:

Individuals struggling with Osteoarthritis, a common cause of chronic back pain, can find relief from our Arthritis Pain Treatment. This treatment may lessen the distance between the disks of the spine or the space surrounding the spine, which can lead to various issues and even intense discomfort. If you are enduring backache caused by Osteoarthritis, don’t hesitate to get our Arthritis Pain Treatment.


Xcell Life experts in the USA can deliver Lower Back Pain Treatment and Arthritis Pain Treatment that can improve your quality of life. The best part is that we only offer Non Surgical Treatments which have no side effects whatsoever.

If you aren’t sure where to reach out for the best Non Surgical Treatments, connect with us at the Xcell Life clinic today!

You could be reeling due to the cruel clutches of pain. When you find yourself in such a precarious situation of sorts, you can surely opt for Non Surgical Treatments. As a matter of fact, Non Surgical Treatments often use something like Regenerative Medicine. In fact, for the best Non Surgical Treatments, we urge you to connect with us at the Xcell Life clinic in Providence, Rhode Island.

All these years, the Xcell Life clinic has stood out in terms of effective Non Surgical Treatments. If you incidentally opt for Regenerative Medicine, you are bound to notice the different ways it works. Along similar lines, Non Surgical Treatments can help you through thick and thin.

So, what are the diverse benefits of Non Surgical Treatments? Let us now try to inspect and analyze this very condition on a deeper level:

  1. In the very beginning try to stick to a proper clinic
  2. Why is it important to have a word with proficient medical experts?
  3. Why should you decisively opt for Regenerative Medicine?
  4. Essentials of Non Surgical Treatments
  5. At the Xcell Life clinic we boast of our efficient workers

In the very beginning try to stick to a proper clinic:

First and foremost, you are supposed to stick to a proper clinic. Right in the very beginning, if you falter in any possible way, the entire thing could simply fall flat. To eliminate such a situation, you must try to stick to a proper clinic.

Why is it important to have a word with proficient medical experts?

As far as your health is concerned, you have got to take adequate preventive measures. Until and unless you have a word with proficient medical experts, things could simply backfire. And your problem might just escalate. For a more detailed approach, you have all the liberty to connect with us at the Xcell Life clinic in Providence, Rhode Island.

Why should you decisively opt for Regenerative Medicine?

Our experts assert that Regenerative Medicine can help build new tissues in your body. Additionally, it could reduce any kind of swelling as well and also enable you to avoid any major scar tissue damage. Regenerative Medicine can help you get rid of your pain that might stem from damaged cells and platelets.

Essentials of Non Surgical Treatments:

For the record – Non Surgical Treatments are used to essentially diagnose, monitor and then treat any kind of injury that basically requires no surgery methods. This very method involves no cutting in your body or, better speaking, involving any surgery.

At the Xcell Life clinic we boast of our efficient workers:

If you study a bit about the market conditions and given the fact how volatile they appear to be. It is indeed difficult to get hold of a pretty experienced team. Having said that, we can truly boast that at the Xcell Life clinic we have a team of efficient workers. Our workers are no workers but experts in the most literal sense.


For the best Regenerative Cell Treatment or Non Surgical Treatments, we urge you to connect with us at the Xcell Life clinic in Providence, Rhode Island.

Xcell Life experts recommend getting their Non Surgical Treatments to avoid Knee Surgery and mention some alternatives.

Surgeries are scary, aren’t they? Nobody goes home relaxed that they are gonna get surgery because, after that, there are always chances of complications. Knee Surgery is a common suggestion from medical experts in the case of an injury like a Meniscus tear or something chronic like arthritis. Patients who go through this seek alternatives like some Non Surgical Treatments that can provide them relief and also cure the condition. Well, the specialists at Xcell Life aim for the same and try to deliver safer alternatives to surgery.

Whenever people suffer from a Meniscus tear or a chronic disease that forces them to consider Knee Surgery, they move towards Xcell Life for their Non Surgical Treatments this is because of the risks involved in surgeries. Surgeries can have an unsafe side – People can suffer from anesthetic infections, or the wound itself might develop into an infection. The stitches might open up, or things might go wrong during the operation. There is also a long recovery time when the person can’t really live a normal life and have to depend on another person for support with daily chores. These are some unavoidable downsides of surgery.

We offer some other safer options to avoid a knee replacement:

  • Chiropractic Treatment
  • Physiotherapy
  • Weight Loss Plan
  • Light Exercises

Chiropractic Treatment:

Chiropractic Treatment has always been helpful in realigning joints and providing relief from pain symptoms. This method also improves blood circulation, which is very crucial when it comes to repairing and healing. Blood is the carrier of nutrients and oxygen in our body, significantly boosts the body’s natural healing ability, and helps your knee recover in case of injuries.


Physiotherapy is a treatment that is recommended by even surgeons. This is because it helps to quicken the recovery process. The stretching movements performed with the help of a Physiotherapist help restore mobility. It is also essential to improve the healing ability of the body. It is important to keep moving even in the case of an injury or when suffering from something chronic like arthritis.

Weight Loss Plan:

Your knees support the weight of almost your entire body. If this weight is excessive compared to the strength of your knees and their capability to support, it will create immense pressure on them and eventually lead to damage. Therefore it will be great if you shed some weight. Your knees will thank you, and you will also gain flexibility, mobility, and pain relief.

It is not easy to lose weight, and thus our experts provide a weight loss plan that works if you dedicate yourself to it. The plan consists of diet and exercises that help.

Light Exercises:

Talking about exercise, we and the world have always been talking about its benefits. If your condition isn’t good, you can talk to our experts to get some light exercises that can be performed for you and will help your condition improve.

Final Words

Xcell Life can help you avoid Knee Surgery and offer you Non Surgical Treatments in case of a Meniscus tear or any other condition that is causing you pain.

The arthritis specialists at Xcell Life based in the USA shared the different types of arthritis disorders that can benefit from Arthritis Pain Treatment.

Arthritis is a general term used instead of more than a hundred different disorders that affect the joints. In short, arthritis is a disorder that causes inflammation in the joints and results in pain and other discomforting sensations. A significant number of elderly people suffer from this problem globally. Today, the middle-aged section is also experiencing arthritis symptoms. This is why people seek Arthritis Pain Treatment. While the symptoms can be treated with surgery or without one, many usually prefer the Non Surgical Treatments.

If you are also in search of Non Surgical Treatments for arthritis, then you must visit the Xcell Life clinic based in the USA. Our Arthritis Pain Treatment is sufficient to deliver pain relief without any form of the incision. In fact, we don’t promote or prescribe pain medications or injections. This is to ensure that our patients do not suffer any form of side effects. As our treatment plan is surgery-free, there’s also no recovery time associated with the procedure. We guarantee that after taking our Non Surgical Treatments, you will be capable enough to drive yourself home independently.

Let us not look at the different types of arthritis and learn a little about them:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Psoriatic Arthritis
  • Gout
  • Lupus


This is the most common form of arthritis and is caused by wear and tear of the joints due to aging or overuse. This affects the weight-bearing joints generally, that is, the hips, knees, feet, ankles, etc. They can be treated with the right OA Pain Treatment. Seek OA Pain Treatment at Xcell Life for pain management.

Rheumatoid Arthritis:

This is an autoimmune disorder. It affects the joints and causes them to get inflamed as the immune system attacks them constantly. If not treated, this can spread to every joint of the body. The reason behind this is uncertain, as the immune system goes haywire.

Psoriatic Arthritis:

This is a combination of two conditions: arthritis and psoriasis. One is the disorder of the joint, while the latter affects the skin. It starts with psoriasis, which causes red, white, raised areas on the elbows, knees, scalp, navel, or around the anus. This is accompanied by joint pain once arthritis starts affecting the body with inflammation.


This condition affects our big toe or the foot at the start. This involves a sharp pain in the morning when we wake up or after long hours of inactivity. The cause of the condition is the excess content of uric acid and its crystallization in a joint. One can experience this after a night of binge drinking, stress, drugs, and excess fatigue-causing conditions. While it may go away in under a week and isn’t that frequent, the number of cases will gradually increase, and if it’s neglected, then eventually, it damages the joints and the kidneys.


It is an immune system disorder. This condition, due to some undefined reason, causes the immune system to react in an irregular manner. The immune system attacks our body instead of attacking viruses and foreign objects in our body. It causes inflammation and pain in the joints. The symptoms can spread throughout the body, including the other organs. This condition is better known as SLE or systemic lupus erythematosus.


Arthritis and its symptoms can be tackled by taking Arthritis Pain Treatment and OA Pain Treatment from the specialists at Xcell Life, USA.

Xcell Life experts based in the USA mention some reasons why people experience back pain and then seek Lower Back Pain Treatment for pain relief.

Back Pain is one of the leading causes for people missing work and instead restlessly seeking Lower Back Pain Treatment. In earlier days, back pain was only common among the elderly, which was justified due to their age. However, that is not the case today. People below the age of thirty are complaining about their back pain. This is a matter of concern for society as its an issue about the youth’s health. Xcell Life experts in the USA offer Non Surgical Treatments for back pain.

They were asked about the reasons behind Lower Back Pain among the youth. Before we look at the reasons and causes they mentioned, let’s first tell you that if you seek Non Surgical Treatments for any pain-related disorder or even other conditions, then you must first visit Xcell Life. We have been serving several patients for years now. All our former patients highly recommend our services and consider us as a valuable reason for their good health today. Our clinic has the expertise that is required for treating patients without any medications or incisional procedures.

Now let’s look at the causes of back pain as per Xcell Life’s Lower Back Pain Treatment specialists:

  • Injuries related to muscle strains
  • Pain due to arthritis
  • Problems due to poor posture
  • Pressure on the nerves adjacent to the spine

Injuries related to muscle strains:

This is a very common and curable cause of back pain. People often injure themselves while working out, doing some physical activities, falling off the stairs, meeting an accident. In all these cases, one can strain their muscles and get injured. These can be easily treated by an expert and often without the use of any medications. If you have strained your back, then you can visit us, and we will fix it.

Pain due to arthritis:

Arthritis, specifically Osteoarthritis, is responsible for many chronic back pain cases. This condition can benefit from our OA Pain Treatment. This condition can reduce the spacing between the disks of the spinal cord or space around the spinal cord. This can cause many complications and even be very painful. If you are experiencing back pain due to Osteoarthritis, then without delay, seek our OA Pain Treatment.

Problems due to poor posture:

Despite being taught the importance of maintaining a proper posture from a very young age, people often neglect it. It becomes hard to focus on posture at all times, especially when you spend most of your day in a chair due to your sedentary work culture or lifestyle. It is never too late, as our experts can still provide the treatment that will improve your culture and help you avoid several health complications.

Pressure on the nerves adjacent to the spine:

Due to a bone spur or disk rupture, nerves adjacent to the spine can be under constant pressure. This can be painful, and hence it is important to realign the spine and release the pressure from the nerves. This can also be achieved through our nonsurgical methods, and you must strongly consider all of this.

Closing Words

In case you require Lower Back Pain Treatment, OA Pain Treatment, or any such Non Surgical Treatments, then you must reach out to our team at Xcell Life based in the USA.

If you want Hip Pain Treatment, then Pain Injection can be avoided through Non Surgical Treatments from experts at Xcell Life in the USA.

Despite our Hip Structure being an almost invincible part, they, too, get defeated by ageing. Our hip socket bears a fair amount of wear and tear damage and still lasts almost our whole life due to the combination of the ball and socket joints and cartilage present. But with age and overuse of these joints or an injury can definitely harm them and cause a lot of pain. It is generally the elderly or people into athletics and intense physical activity who are prone to such damage. This is why they seek Hip Pain Treatment.

Well, several medical professionals hand over some over-the-counter medications or Pain Injection to provide relief. Pain Injection and medications are nothing but temporary measures aimed at getting rid of the pain. They are not at all suitable for proper Hip Pain Treatment. They might also do more harm than good. The ultimate suggestion that some medical professionals give is getting surgery. Surgeries are reasonable until and unless there is no other cure. If you seek Non Surgical Treatments, then you must reach out to us at Xcell Life Clinic based in the USA.

Before discussing the Non Surgical Treatments that we offer, let’s look at the causes of Hip Pain:

  1. Injuries such as Fractures and Muscle Strains
  2. Problems due to ageing
  3. Some chronic diseases

Injuries such as Fractures and Muscle Strains:

Due to ageing, as the bones get weaker, the chances of a fracture rise upon accidents. This will obviously need immediate treatment. Muscle Strains can happen at any time due to overuse of the muscles, ligaments and tendons around the hips. Athletes are prone to have such strains and thus do stretching in order to avoid these complications. Hip Labral tear is another painful and common problem that athletes face due to excessive twisting movements.

Problems due to ageing:

Ageing is one of the main causes of bone and muscle weaknesses. It is a normal phenomenon that all our body parts go through constant wear and tear over the years and takes damage.

Some chronic diseases:

There are several diseases that can again cause damage to the hip structure. Arthritis is one common disorder these days; it is painful and a big hindrance in daily life for many patients across the world. Some more disorders are Bursitis, Tendinitis, Avascular Necrosis etc. Cancerous Tumors in the hip area can also cause exhilarating pain and need urgent diagnosis and treatment.

Here are some of the treatments we offer that will help you avoid surgeries and painkillers:


Physiotherapy is a series of exercises and movements that ensure mobility and give anti-inflammatory benefits. It also restores blood flow and reduces pain to a huge extent. Due to its extraordinary benefits, it is highly recommended even by the best surgeons after any surgery.

Chiropractic Treatment:

Chiropractic Treatment is often looked down upon due to the rumours of it being useless. However, it has proven to be extremely beneficial in reducing pain symptoms and providing other advantages. Chiropractic Adjustments are manipulations made to a certain area, generally the spine, by an expert. The expert provides appropriate pressure to the area with his hands or a small tool. This clears nerve blockages and restores the alignment of any misplaced bone.

Regenerative Cell Therapy:

This therapy requires the use of stem cells to restore the dead or damaged cells in a particular area. This promotes healing in case of injuries.

Final Words

In case you seek Hip Pain Treatment to get relief from the pain, then you should take Non Surgical Treatments from experts at Xcell Life and avoid the use of any Pain Injection.

The Lower Back Pain Treatment plan offered at Xcell Life Clinic in the USA can relieve pain with no need for surgery and just a mixture of safe techniques.

It is common to experience lumbar pain or pain in the lower back region nowadays. In the earlier days, these kinds of problems were common among slightly older people. But due to the unhealthy lifestyle, lack of physical activity and the stagnant workaholic culture, this problem is also prevalent among the younger generation. It is not an easy task to determine the cause of pain in the lower back due to the abundance the number of causes. One can only understand if they need Lower Back Pain Treatment after a proper diagnosis from experts.

The major causes that might need Muscle Pain Treatment or Lower Back Pain Treatment are:

  • Minor strain due to harsh physical activity
  • Lack of physical activity and muscle stiffness
  • Practice the wrong posture for a prolonged period
  • Injury due to an accident such as a Herniated Disk
  • Several chronic diseases like – Spinal stenosis, Ankylosing spondylitis, Fibromyalgia

Whatever the cause, you can reach out to the Xcell Life clinic based in the USA if you experience lower back pain. We offer excellent Non Surgical Treatments that provide relief from pain. If you seek Muscle Pain Treatment and Lower Back Pain Treatment from our experts, then you will notice results in just a span of days. It can be chronic to neglect the pain and leave it undiagnosed as later it might eliminate the chances of healing through Non Surgical Treatments. Thus, visit the Xcell Life clinic today!

Let’s see how we treat your lower back pain with a combination of techniques that are completely safe and yet effective:-

  • Physiotherapy
  • Spinal Manipulation
  • Regenerative Cell Therapy


Due to a lack of physical activity and a busy schedule, one can suffer from back pain. In such cases, Physiotherapy can be of great help. Physical Therapy improves mobility, strengthens the muscles and can be a great start to some exercise. Xcell Life specialists curate special exercise plans as per your physical ability and needs, which ensures the safety and prime health.

Spinal Manipulation:

Spinal Manipulation, with the help of some expert Chiropractors, can provide pain relief. They provide appropriate pressure to the spine, aligning the misplaced disks. These reduce muscle stress and remove any nervous blockages. This also heals the adjacent tissues and bones as the healing ability is enhanced with chiropractic care. All this result in a reduction of any pain symptoms.

Regenerative Cell Therapy:

This is a fairly popular therapy method in which the cells are regenerated in order to improve healing. In case of injuries and diseases that destroy cells, this regeneration method can be advantageous. It promotes the repairing procedure and pace of the dysfunctional and damaged tissues with the use of regenerative medicines. It is a completely safe procedure with no side effects.

Closing Words

If you want to avoid surgery and are looking for Non Surgical Treatments for your excruciating back pain, then visit Xcell Life based in the USA. Our experts can offer Muscle Pain Treatment and Lower Back Pain Treatment, which will relieve your pain in no time.