If you want Hip Pain Treatment, then Pain Injection can be avoided through Non Surgical Treatments from experts at Xcell Life in the USA.

Despite our Hip Structure being an almost invincible part, they, too, get defeated by ageing. Our hip socket bears a fair amount of wear and tear damage and still lasts almost our whole life due to the combination of the ball and socket joints and cartilage present. But with age and overuse of these joints or an injury can definitely harm them and cause a lot of pain. It is generally the elderly or people into athletics and intense physical activity who are prone to such damage. This is why they seek Hip Pain Treatment.

Well, several medical professionals hand over some over-the-counter medications or Pain Injection to provide relief. Pain Injection and medications are nothing but temporary measures aimed at getting rid of the pain. They are not at all suitable for proper Hip Pain Treatment. They might also do more harm than good. The ultimate suggestion that some medical professionals give is getting surgery. Surgeries are reasonable until and unless there is no other cure. If you seek Non Surgical Treatments, then you must reach out to us at Xcell Life Clinic based in the USA.

Before discussing the Non Surgical Treatments that we offer, let’s look at the causes of Hip Pain:

  1. Injuries such as Fractures and Muscle Strains
  2. Problems due to ageing
  3. Some chronic diseases

Injuries such as Fractures and Muscle Strains:

Due to ageing, as the bones get weaker, the chances of a fracture rise upon accidents. This will obviously need immediate treatment. Muscle Strains can happen at any time due to overuse of the muscles, ligaments and tendons around the hips. Athletes are prone to have such strains and thus do stretching in order to avoid these complications. Hip Labral tear is another painful and common problem that athletes face due to excessive twisting movements.

Problems due to ageing:

Ageing is one of the main causes of bone and muscle weaknesses. It is a normal phenomenon that all our body parts go through constant wear and tear over the years and takes damage.

Some chronic diseases:

There are several diseases that can again cause damage to the hip structure. Arthritis is one common disorder these days; it is painful and a big hindrance in daily life for many patients across the world. Some more disorders are Bursitis, Tendinitis, Avascular Necrosis etc. Cancerous Tumors in the hip area can also cause exhilarating pain and need urgent diagnosis and treatment.

Here are some of the treatments we offer that will help you avoid surgeries and painkillers:


Physiotherapy is a series of exercises and movements that ensure mobility and give anti-inflammatory benefits. It also restores blood flow and reduces pain to a huge extent. Due to its extraordinary benefits, it is highly recommended even by the best surgeons after any surgery.

Chiropractic Treatment:

Chiropractic Treatment is often looked down upon due to the rumours of it being useless. However, it has proven to be extremely beneficial in reducing pain symptoms and providing other advantages. Chiropractic Adjustments are manipulations made to a certain area, generally the spine, by an expert. The expert provides appropriate pressure to the area with his hands or a small tool. This clears nerve blockages and restores the alignment of any misplaced bone.

Regenerative Cell Therapy:

This therapy requires the use of stem cells to restore the dead or damaged cells in a particular area. This promotes healing in case of injuries.

Final Words

In case you seek Hip Pain Treatment to get relief from the pain, then you should take Non Surgical Treatments from experts at Xcell Life and avoid the use of any Pain Injection.

Xcell Life, based in the USA, mentions some causes of muscle pain which will not require the use of Cortisone Injection and can be cured with Muscle Pain Treatment.

Muscle Pain can be a symptom of several health problems and, thus, needs immediate daignosis. Due to the possibility of minor causes of Muscle Pain, people often neglect it and do not go to an expert. This can prove to be dangerous and might worsen the condition. Xcell Life experts based in the USA recommend you get diagnosed if you have been suffering from muscle pain for more than a week. There can be several causes of muscle pain, from temporary to chronic. It is completely treatable and requires management and finding the cause behind it. Some medical professionals might suggest you take Cortisone Injection. But Cortisone Injection isn’t a permanent cure and might cause side effects if it reacts negatively with the underlying condition or any other medication.

Instead, Xcell Life offers completely safe alternatives in the form of Muscle Pain Treatment and Tendon Pain Treatment. You can consider these after your diagnosis is complete with the condition first. Several of our patients are absolutely healthy now, as our team’s experts cured their excruciating muscle pain. We use no drugs, injections or incision procedures that might result in post-treatment complications. Our Muscle Pain Treatment and Tendon Pain Treatment are only focused on reducing the pain symptom and eventually eliminating it completely.

Here are some of the causes of intense muscle pain:

  • Injuries to the muscles
  • Infections in the body
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Reaction due to medications

Injuries of the muscles:

Injuries can occur at any time and anywhere. One can get injured due to a self-mistake, an accident, an attack, due to overuse of any muscle, harsh movements etc. Whatever the cause, injuries can definitely cause muscle pain.

Some of these injuries are:

  • A sprain in the back
  • Breaking of bones
  • Abdominal strains
  • Myofascial pain syndrome due to overuse of muscles
  • Tendinosis
  • Tendinitis

Infections in the body:

Infections caused by viruses and harmful bacteria can cause muscle aches. Swollen lymph nodes, fever and nausea, are some of the other symptoms. A few types of infections that cause muscle aches are:

  • Colds and flu.
  • Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever which is spread through tick bites
  • Malaria.

Autoimmune Diseases:

Our body’s immune system is responsible for fighting germs and infections. But sometimes, it mistakenly attacks itself. This can cause muscle pain.

Here are a few autoimmune diseases that can cause pain:

  • Inflammatory myopathies – Body myositis and polymyositis.
  • Lupus
  • Multiple sclerosis

Reaction due to medications:

Xcell Life experts put a real emphasis on the harmful effects of some medications. Our specialist’s advice is that until a doctor prescribes any medicine, one must never take any form of medication. Some medications can result in muscle pain as they cause inflammation around muscle cells; this condition is known as myositis. Some can be just temporary, while others can be chronic.

The medicines that can cause myositis are as follows:

  • Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy are used to treat cancer of different kinds
  • Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors are prescribed to High Blood Pressure patients.
  • Statins administered to high cholesterol patients.


If the muscle pain isn’t severe, then Cortisone Injection is avoidable. You can instead rely on Muscle Pain Treatment and Tendon Pain Treatment which are offered by experts at Xcell Life based in the USA.

Looking for a clinic to treat your major pain issues? Feel free to contact the Xcell Life clinic.

Certain things, if not taken proper care of, can actually turn out to be menacing issues in the end. When it comes to the notion of your health, you simply cannot tend to take things for granted. If you do so, be prepared to face the consequences. With stress playing a major role in our lives today, you could suffer from possible conditions such as OA Pain or Lower Back Pain. In this regard, the best possible way is to seek OA Pain Treatment and Lower Back Pain Treatment. For all kinds of necessary help, reach out to our set of experts at the Xcell Life clinic based in the USA.

Over the years, the Xcell Life clinic has simply outgrown its stature owing to the credible services we offer. At the Xcell Life clinic, our experts are always willing to lend you a helping hand.

Let us now try to decipher the concerned subject in a detailed manner and see how possible results show up:

  1. Make sure you opt for the right kind of clinic
  2. Why is it a compulsion to have a word with reputed experts?
  3. Do not try to get to the detailed aspect of the subject
  4. Diverse symptoms of Lower Back Pain
  5. What causes OA Pain?

Make sure you opt for the right kind of clinic:

Basically, with the emergence of so many Chiropractic Care clinics, it is always a relatively difficult task to opt for the right kind of clinic. Truth be told, you could be in a tricky situation indeed. However, if you get in touch with our set of experts at the Xcell Life clinic, you will be in a somewhat familiar surrounding of all kinds of help.

Why is it a compulsion to have a word with reputed experts?

Since it is the notion of your health, you simply cannot afford to treat it in a rather casual manner. Instead, have a word with the experts of Xcell Life clinic, and you will be in a zone of comfort. Treat your Rotator Cuff Tear only by getting in touch with us at the earliest.

Do not try to get into the detailed aspect of the subject:

The Chiropractors of the Xcell Life clinic point out that you must not get into the overall aspect of the subject. It is something best left to the experts themselves. Treat your OA Pain only at the Xcell Life clinic.

Diverse symptoms of Lower Back Pain:

Our experts at the Xcell Life clinic opine that any kind of awkward movement, as well as issues with the spinal ligaments, can cause you Lower Back Pain. The constant strain of the back is another factor. Due to any kind of stiffness, it could impact you as well. In addition to this, if you do not quite have an upright posture, you can face difficulties with Lower Back Pain.

What causes OA Pain?

OA Pain tends to increase with age. Furthermore, it could have an immediate impact on your joints. If you want to seek decent enough OA Pain Treatment, consider seeking help from us at the Xcell Life clinic today.

Final Words

If you are constantly bothered by various pain issues like Rotator Cuff Tear and want to seek Lower Back Pain Treatment, we urge you to connect with us at the Xcell Life clinic based in the USA.

The Lower Back Pain Treatment plan offered at Xcell Life Clinic in the USA can relieve pain with no need for surgery and just a mixture of safe techniques.

It is common to experience lumbar pain or pain in the lower back region nowadays. In the earlier days, these kinds of problems were common among slightly older people. But due to the unhealthy lifestyle, lack of physical activity and the stagnant workaholic culture, this problem is also prevalent among the younger generation. It is not an easy task to determine the cause of pain in the lower back due to the abundance the number of causes. One can only understand if they need Lower Back Pain Treatment after a proper diagnosis from experts.

The major causes that might need Muscle Pain Treatment or Lower Back Pain Treatment are:

  • Minor strain due to harsh physical activity
  • Lack of physical activity and muscle stiffness
  • Practice the wrong posture for a prolonged period
  • Injury due to an accident such as a Herniated Disk
  • Several chronic diseases like – Spinal stenosis, Ankylosing spondylitis, Fibromyalgia

Whatever the cause, you can reach out to the Xcell Life clinic based in the USA if you experience lower back pain. We offer excellent Non Surgical Treatments that provide relief from pain. If you seek Muscle Pain Treatment and Lower Back Pain Treatment from our experts, then you will notice results in just a span of days. It can be chronic to neglect the pain and leave it undiagnosed as later it might eliminate the chances of healing through Non Surgical Treatments. Thus, visit the Xcell Life clinic today!

Let’s see how we treat your lower back pain with a combination of techniques that are completely safe and yet effective:-

  • Physiotherapy
  • Spinal Manipulation
  • Regenerative Cell Therapy


Due to a lack of physical activity and a busy schedule, one can suffer from back pain. In such cases, Physiotherapy can be of great help. Physical Therapy improves mobility, strengthens the muscles and can be a great start to some exercise. Xcell Life specialists curate special exercise plans as per your physical ability and needs, which ensures the safety and prime health.

Spinal Manipulation:

Spinal Manipulation, with the help of some expert Chiropractors, can provide pain relief. They provide appropriate pressure to the spine, aligning the misplaced disks. These reduce muscle stress and remove any nervous blockages. This also heals the adjacent tissues and bones as the healing ability is enhanced with chiropractic care. All this result in a reduction of any pain symptoms.

Regenerative Cell Therapy:

This is a fairly popular therapy method in which the cells are regenerated in order to improve healing. In case of injuries and diseases that destroy cells, this regeneration method can be advantageous. It promotes the repairing procedure and pace of the dysfunctional and damaged tissues with the use of regenerative medicines. It is a completely safe procedure with no side effects.

Closing Words

If you want to avoid surgery and are looking for Non Surgical Treatments for your excruciating back pain, then visit Xcell Life based in the USA. Our experts can offer Muscle Pain Treatment and Lower Back Pain Treatment, which will relieve your pain in no time.

Lower Back Pain Treatment might take some time; before that, you can follow the home remedies mentioned by Xcell Life experts to manage the pain.

Back Pain isn’t an uncommon condition in people of middle age and older generations. However, back pain is now also becoming common in youngsters. There can be several causes of experiencing back pain, such as an injury or sprain due to harsh movements. This kind of pain will generally heal in a week. However, some are more chronic and are due to diseases such as arthritis, herniated disks, ankylosing spondylitis, etc. In every condition, the pain can be severe enough to urge the patient to rely on a Pain Injection. This may provide fast relief, but it is not a cure and just a temporary effect. It is also associated with several side effects. You can instead rely on Arthritis Pain Treatment and Lower Back Pain Treatment provided by Xcell Life Clinic based in the USA.

Our experts are specialized in Arthritis Pain Treatment and Lower Back Pain Treatment. Our procedures aim to reduce your pain and eventually eliminate it completely. We also do not recommend relying on any Pain Injection and assisting the patients in gaining pain relief through therapeutic treatment.

Before you take the treatment for your back pain and arthritis from Xcell Life, here are some tips for managing the pain up to some extent at home:-

  1. Practice a proper posture
  2. Use Ice and Heat Therapy
  3. Use a towel to uplift your back
  4. Have a healthy weight

Practice a proper posture:

It is crucial to maintain your posture in order to avoid putting irregular pressure on your spine. You can practice this at home, if you ensure that your head is in the center over your pelvis and you aren’t slouching. You should also practice posture at work by ensuring that your back is straight on the chair. You can use tape, straps, or stretchy bands to help keep your spine in alignment.

Use Ice and Heat Therapy:

Use ice in case of inflammation and swelling on your back, and use heat if your back muscles feel stiff. You can try both and compare the results to determine which works better for you. Remember not to overdo it and just use anyone for a twenty-minute session.

Use a towel to uplift your back:

You can use a towel, fold it, and put it below your back to uplift it. This will help you stretch your lower back and maintain tension. Relax your hips on the towel while doing it for comfort. This is to get relief from your back pain.

Have a healthy weight:

It is recommended to maintain a healthy weight in order to avoid putting pressure on the back and just avoiding several other diseases. You can consult our experts, that can curate a plan for you to lose weight and take some load off your back.

Final Words

You can gain relief from back pain irrespective of the cause, be it an injury or something chronic like arthritis, without the use of Pain Injection. In order to cure the pain, visit Xcell Life and take Arthritis Pain Treatment and Lower Back Pain Treatment.

Determining when one should go for OA Pain Treatment can be confusing. Therefore here are the symptoms and causes that might force you to go to Xcell Life.

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common forms of arthritis. It is common among elderly people as it develops with age. However, today, even some fairly young people are facing this disorder. In this disorder, there’s inflammation and deformity of joints; this occurs due to the breakdown of cartilage and the damage of tendons and ligaments. The joint becomes prone to injuries and thus gets hurt through minor shocks. The Pain is almost unbearable, and to get relief, people often go for Pain Injection. Some medical professionals also suggest Knee Surgery. While the experts at Xcell Life offer a non-surgical, anti-side effect cure that is OA Pain Treatment.

There is a high chance of suffering from side effects from a Pain Injection and also from Knee Surgery. Plus, there’s a long recovery time during the post-surgery period. You can avoid all this by taking the safe cure, namely OA Pain Treatment. This treatment will involve steps that will provide you with several benefits. You don’t need to worry about the treatment going wrong as there’s no chance because it will be performed by specialists from Xcell Life, based in the USA.

Let’s learn more about Osteoarthritis and its symptoms:

  • What are the types of Osteoarthritis?
  • What are the symptoms and causes of Osteoarthritis?

What are the types of Osteoarthritis?

There are two types of Osteoarthritis:

Primary OA:

This is the common type in which the general joints are affected, such as – fingers, thumbs, spine, hips, knees, and toes.

Secondary OA:

This affects prior joint diseases such as genetic abnormalities of joints, inflammatory arthritis, infectious arthritis, and also with old sports injuries in athletes.

What are the symptoms and causes of Osteoarthritis?

While there are neither many symptoms of OA, nor specific causes, it can be difficult to diagnose the problem without some tests. Severe Pain in the joints is a symptom, but it has been reported that it is not there in the initial stage. It is more of a probability once the joint has been damaged and there is noticeable inflammation and swelling. Even this swelling occurs due to the pressure on the joints. Therefore obesity is a threat and increases the chance of developing OA. The Pain and swelling of the joints will develop gradually and eventually worsen over time. Feeling stiffness of the joints in the morning is a symptom but is general in most arthritis types. There can be a rubbing sensation in the affected joints.

The main cause of Osteoarthritis is age; it develops with age as the joint weaken over the years. Other reasons are metabolic diseases like diabetes and high cholesterol. As mentioned before, obesity and being overweight can increase the chances of suffering from OA. Due to age and weakening of the joints, older injuries may resurface in the form of OA. These injuries are generally related to sports activities. This disease can be in your genetics as well.

Final Words

If you are looking for a clinic to take OA Pain Treatment, then there’s no better option than Xcell Life, based in the USA. We offer treatment that eliminates the need for Pain Injection or any Knee Surgery.

Xcell Life experts based in the USA mention the causes and treatment of Rotator Cuff Tear that can provide relief from excessive pain.

A rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons in our shoulders. Their purpose is to assist the movement of our arms while lifting an object. A Rotator Cuff Tear may occur due to the gradual wear and tear of joints as years pass or due to an injury. Rotator Cuff Tear happens when the tendons attached to the arm bone are pulled away with force. An injury like this is severely painful, and medical professionals administer Pain Injection to provide relief. It is often mistaken as a Labrum Tear.

Therefore it is always the best decision to visit an expert diagnostic center like Xcell Life based in the USA. Their experts are well-trained to treat both Labrum Tear and Rotator Cuff Tear. They provide pain relief with safe methods to avoid the side effects of a Pain Injection. If you are in need of expert non-surgical treatment, then your best would be to consult professionals at Xcell Life.

Let’s understand Rotator Cuff injuries in detail:-

  • What are the types of Rotator Cuff tears?
  • What are its causes?
  • What are the steps to follow?

What are the types of Rotator Cuff tears?

There are two types of Rotator Cuff Tear, they are:-

Partial Tear: A partial or incomplete tear is when the tendon is still slightly attached to the arm bone but not completely.

Complete Tear: A complete tear or full-thickness tear occurs when the tendon is completely detached from the arm bone. There might be a hole in the tendon.

What are its causes?

There are two main causes of Rotator Cuff damage:-

Injury due to an accident:

If someone has suffered a hard fall or other accident that has resulted in a severe shoulder injury, such as a fracture of the collar bone or dislocation of the shoulder, then they might suffer from a Rotator Cuff tear as well as a hefty injury triggering other injuries of adjacent parts along with it.

Degenerative Tear:

Degenerative Tears are the damages that are caused due to the aging of the part and severe wear and tear over the years. These damages are pretty common in people once they turn forty. Some of these damages are due to bone growth that rubs against the tendons while lifting arms; these are called bone spurs. Lack of blood circulation in the shoulder area can also make your shoulder prone to such injuries. Excess use of your shoulder in physical activity or while playing sports is also a trigger.

What are the steps to follow?

The steps that you can follow to cure Rotator Cuff Tear are:

  • Take sufficient rest and use an arm sling
  • Consult a therapist and take their services
  • Go for Chiropractic Adjustments to improve blood flow
  • Some medical professionals might also suggest injections and surgery

Final Words

If you are suffering from a shoulder injury like a Labrum Tear or Rotator Cuff Tear then you can seek pain relief with treatment offered at Xcell Life, based in the USA, instead of using Pain Injection.